Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beyond the Final Frontier Yet Again

My gaming friends have caught on that I'm a big huge Trekkie. Not that it was a secret; in fact, we all love Star Trek in one form or another. But the last couple of years I have been getting Trek books galore. This year, I was presented with 2 copies of 2 recent Trek books: "Star Trek: The Original Series 365", and the "Stra Trek Haynes Guide to the USS Enterprise". At my birthday party, I kept getting questions like "How old was Captain Kirk when he took command of the Enterprise?" (34.). Finally, last week, one of them asked, "So, can we expect to see any Risus Trek adventures soon?"

He didn't really have to ask. I've been doing research and writing notes ever since they got me the books. What's taken me so long? I've seen every episode of the original series (TOS) probably six to twelve times (with a couple of exceptions like "And The Children Shall Lead").  I haunt Memory Alpha weekly, if not daily. So I should be ready to go. All I need now is something to pull it all together. I need a hook, something to engage their attention, and I haven't found it yet. I want some Kirk-style exploration of strange new worlds, without being a pale copy of the series.

Maybe I should be listening to my players. When the whole Risus Trek thing came up, one of them immediately said that he wanted to play a Tholian. The one who brought the subject up said that he wanted to play a Gorn. Sure fine... one of them is a crystalline life form that lives in a superheated atmosphere, and the other one is a hulking carnivorous reptile-man, and both their species are hostile to the Federation. Let them tell me how they wind up on a Federation starship.

Hailing frequencies open.

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