Friday, April 1, 2011

"Cryptic Alliances" of Vanth

Surprisingly, Vanthian chroniclers have recorded very little about the so-called "cryptic alliances" of the type which are ubiquitous in Gamma World. One such organization, the Children of the Iron Tesseract, is an organization originally formed to study the causes of the collapse of the Sector Navigation Grid, but which has since been implicated in terrorist acts against magical and religious entities and organizations.  Is there an anti-technologicl, pro-magical conspiracy that pursues equal but opposite goals? The Waepeta Sorcerers are a possible contender; little is known of them and their goals, especially since rumors of an alliance with King Pinkbottom  Bellywiggle of Eavestrough Faerie Haven persist, but no specific activities or agenda is known.  Are there organizations of RoboDroids and other cybertronic intelligences plotting against their fleshy oppressors? Do ragtag bands of partisans plot against Darth Viraxis or the Zombie Princess, waiting for a leader to take them down? Groups trying to ally magicians with technicials? Groups trying to destroy both technology and magic?

Let the plotting commence!


Chris Creel said...

I had noticed that you had made an E.C. post and finally slowed down long enough to read it. I'm working on another E.C. adventure and hope to make more progress on it today. It doesn't involve Cryptic Alliances but does have some new criminal and social groups.

Guy Hoyle said...

I can't wait to see it! On the "Cryptic Alliances" font, I've been thinking that maybe some kind of conspiracies table would fit the EC ethos a little better and be a little less "Vanth" specific. There could be columns for races, classes, places, motivations, etc. Still in the brainstoming phase. Know of any compaable tables anywhere?

Chris Creel said...

Here are a few of my new criminal groups;

Limb Trader Scouts
Psi-Witch Fundamentalists
Punks &
Cyclopes Golfers