Monday, May 26, 2014

The Only Fantasy World May You'll Ever Need

First, this will make more sense if you go here: [LINK FIXED]

The original artist has made a very clever and affectionate parody of... well, every fantasy world since Robert E. Howard's Hyboria, Gygax's Greyhawk, etc. He also very kindly posted a blank version so fans could customize it to their heart's content, which is what I've done here. I kept a lot of the names he created )Hellfire Imperium, Jade Empire, etc.), but I decided to change some of them. This is a slow process, and I've changed my mind so many times that I can't keep track of the changes. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them. 

If you click on the map, it gets bigger.

EDIT: Whoops! Originally uploaded an old version of the map. Now new and improvenated!


Chris Creel said...

Tragic Kingdom, yes!

Guy Hoyle said...

I uploaded an early version of the map. I've added many changes since that version.