Friday, January 8, 2010

Fortuitous Characterization

Torgon the Eviscerator (see My Pal Torgon) is an ideal NPC for me to play. Everybody in my gaming group realizes that he's the one who suffered through all the situations that gave rise to the Evil Overlord list (not that he would have drawn the conclusions that the Evil Overlord did from those experiences). Torgon provides me with a remarkable roleplaying opportunity, because no matter what I do as Torgon, I win. If Torgon does I do something spectacularly stupid, they'll go, "That's about what I'd expect Torgon to do!" If he I unexpectedly does do something brilliant, they'll think, "Maybe that Torgon is smarter than we think!" It's a win-win situation.


Tony said...

So are you getting to play Torgon in something now?

Guy Hoyle said...

He's going to be the "employer" in my round of the "Henchmen" campaign.

Now that I reread that post, it's a little vague on some points.