Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Back in the Game

This weekend, a friend of mine told me about his brother-in-law,a former football player, whose 2009 sucked harder than mine. He lost his dad to a lingering illness, his mom a month later; the family business he inherited went under; he has a family to support and no job. Compared to that, I'm doing OK.

The thing that made me dust off this old hollow blog is that my friend's brother-in-law is writing a novel. Already has several chapters done, and outlines for several others. I don't know if he's written anything before, or how good his writing is, but I do know that I have a master's degree in Playwriting, and I have not been doing much writing myself. Now that I have some time while looking for a job, why am I not doing the same? I was piddling around for awhile on a project of my own, but it was going nowhere.

Long story short, I decided to start setting a goal for myself. It's a modest goal,but accomplishable I think. I'm going to write five hundred words a day and post it on this blog. I can write more thn a hundred words, but if I do, the count still resets to 0 the next day. I won't make any promises about the content, though at this point I think it will be mostly gaming related.

At this point, these are my goals:

1) Get some writing done. Any writing. On a daily basis (once every twenty-four hours). If you notice that I'm falling behind that, please drop me a line.

2) Improve the writing that I do by self-editing. If you see me doing something truly egregious, please let me know, but I'm a pretty good speller and know the basics of grammer. I could probably use some pointers on style, but that may be a matter of taste.

3) Create a setting and some scenarios for an RPG game. The system I prefer is Risus: The ANYTHING RPG, which is available for free at It's awesome.

This post doesn't count against the five hundred word limit, BTW. The count is zero.


Guy Hoyle said...

About 1500 words on the first day. Not bad.

DD Ra said...

I love your writing, and I think it is a good idea to set yourself a daily goal, even if it will be hard sometimes to stand before your white page !