Monday, January 4, 2010

Spoilers? (or: Gameblog, gameblog, gameblog, ad nauseam)

When I decided to write a daily gameblog, I should have foreseen that I would want my gaming friends to read what I write. However, I don't want them to read any spoilers about the game they will be playing. The solution that sprang to mind, after seconds of mighty concentration, is to come up with (gasp!) a separate blog for spoilers. However:
  1. I don't necessarily want to contribute to the proliferation of unnecessary gameblogs any more than I've already done.
  2. I don't want to bug the crap out of any readers who AREN'T playing in my games, so maybe I should just resort to the old "Spoiler Alert" header (which I'll probably forget to add).
  3. If I post a link to an external blog, I'm taking people away from this blog,
  4. Screw it, this is too hard, I just won't write ANY blogs.  (Incidentally, this is the first time I've ever used a strikethrough.)
I'm curious how others handle the situation. Maybe I should have looked around at the other gamebloggers to see how they handle the situation.


DD Ra said...

What you can write about :
1) about the adventures of the players form their point of view (so no spoiler)
2) other material about the world
3) gamemastering, game organisation, game system...

Brelas said...

Back in the day (2001+) when I ran games, I wrote a journal (*.doc) of events that occurred in my games. Emailed them out to the players.

Doubt anyone ever read them, but it was still fun to write.

If blogs were the thing, I would have used it instead of direct email to post those events.